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Fitness Training

American Health offers a personalized Flexibility/Stretching Program - for overall elasticity and movement. 

I am very excited about a new program we are offering, individualized personal theraband fitness training. 

You should always consult your physician before starting a fitness program. 

I specialize in Theraband Circuit Training which is virtually the safest training available.  There are serveral programs:

Theraband Circuit Training
                    Individualized Theraband Circuit Strengthening
                    Theraband Training for School Sports Programs       

Individuals will be enhancing their bodies, while being placed on a personalized custom home theraband exercise program to improve elasticity, strengthen muscles and joints, and improve movement.  

Please contact American Health at (574) 255-2706 for pricing of the personalized programs.

Individuals with chronic muscular pain “may greatly enhance their life through personal fitness training”.   



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